Why choose a training contract in Tunbridge Wells?

19 October, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

I recently attended a course along with trainees from different firms. Whilst talking, one recalled being shouted at whilst in the toilet to come out and speak to a client on the phone immediately, and another had been asked if she lzl-louise-loveless-roundcould reschedule her wedding. These experiences, along with the dreaded all-nighters and other such horror stories are not the only reason training in Tunbridge Wells is far more appealing that “city life”.

For me, Tunbridge Wells was an easy choice. I grew up on the Kent-Sussex border and love the area. For some, that might not be enough to attract from the bright lights of London. So what is the appeal of the Kent town, situated about 40 miles south-east of central London?

I won’t touch on the benefits of working for Cripps Pemberton Greenish (although there are many) as it’s not all about that!

Location, Location, Location

We’re soon due to move to our brand new modern office, just up the road from the current ones. It’s the first new office-build in Tunbridge Wells for 25 years, and it’s fair to say we’re excited (and not just for the fact we’ll finally have air-con for those hot summer days!).

Our offices sit right in the middle of the town. It is standard to spend lunch hours having coffee in an independent café with the rest of the trainees, being taken for lunch with your team, wandering round the shopping centre, and in the summer soaking up the sun on the green. All this is just around the corner.

After work, there’s plenty to do too. The nightlife here may not be the most vibrant, but there is a lot to keep you occupied. The town boasts a fantastic array of independent restaurants, from tapas to Japanese, numerous Italians, Thai, French and fish restaurants to name just a few. There are also plenty of pubs and bars in town. A favourite of these is typically Sankeys, which is conveniently located round the corner from our offices, and where you are highly likely to find a few of us on a Friday night.

Tunbridge Wells is home to two theatres, the Trinity Theatre and the Assembly Hall and an independent music venue. The comedy nights at Trinity are not to be missed (although from previous experience, maybe not always appropriate for a team event!). We’re also in close reach of a Curling rink (a better team event!) as well as numerous sport facilities and grounds. Every Thursday throughout the summer there’s Jazz on the Pantiles, a free event which is always fun.

If that’s not enough, London can be reached by train in just under an hour. If it’s sea and sand (or rather pebbles) you’re after, Eastbourne, Hastings and Brighton are only an hour away by car.

The offices are easy to reach by car or train, but a lot of us live locally. I live a twenty minute walk away, and how many other people can say they just need to walk through a leafy park and only cross one road before they get to work?!

And if all that isn’t enough to persuade you, it’s worth knowing you’ll have the time to enjoy it all, as we’re recognised for having a healthy work-life balance.