“Moving on up, moving on down”

15 November, 2017
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

In this week’s trainee solicitor blog, we caught up with Emily Revel. Emily is a first seat trainee in the corporate department. Read on for Emily’s outlook on moving to the South East and her opinion on location when applying for a training contract.


Moving to the South East

When I began applying for training contracts, I had never even heard of Tunbridge Wells and I knew very little about Kent. Now I find myself living and working here. After studying in the North and moving back to Nottinghamshire, where I’ve enjoyed home comforts for the past year, it is no understatement to say I was apprehensive about starting at Cripps Pemberton Greenish.

“Is it too far from home?” “Will I make friends at work?” These are questions I started asking myself.  Rest assured that the South East, and Cripps Pemberton Greenish particularly, has been welcoming and provided me with a new definition for the word home.  I’ve quickly learned that moving across the country to start a new career is an exciting time and full of new experiences. It has encouraged me to participate in activities I wouldn’t have usually considered. This includes playing netball on a weekly basis (whilst trying to learn the rules!). 


Applying for a training contract in an unfamiliar location

Applying for a training contract shouldn’t necessarily be determined by location. Instead, I think it is important to find a firm that suits your needs and personality. Cripps Pemberton Greenish offers a friendly environment to work in, high quality training and sociable working hours. So all in all, it is a desirable firm for applicants across the whole country.

The training contract interview process is across multiple stages and I was able to sample life as a ‘Tunbridge Wellian’ before I accepted my contract. Instead of scurrying back to the train station post interview, I explored the town and its many places of interest. This gave me a comprehensive picture of the town.  I highly recommend that anyone applying to firms in an unfamiliar area does the same.

By way of summary, you should broaden your horizons when searching for a training contract. You should look to find a firm that complements both your academic and personal characteristics. It is essential to remember that whilst employers are searching for the right candidate, you are searching for the right firm.