Trainee Days – Commercial (January 2016)

12 February, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

The Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day team caught up with Kate Gibbs this week, to discuss her current seat with the Commercial team:

Kate Gibbs circle


Kate’s Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day

8:30: I arrive at work and make a round of tea for the team. I check my emails and my ‘to-do’ list for the day. I am cc’d into an email regarding a suite of commercial documents that a new client is asking us to draft. The documents include a non-disclosure agreement, reviewing a pre-existing hosting agreement and drafting an end user licence. I make a note to speak to my supervisor about it and reply to some other emails.

9.30: I manage to catch up with my supervisor before he leaves for a meeting and we have a chat about the work I have on, and more specifically about this suite of documents. In conjunction with a newly qualified colleague, he gives me a research task regarding the procedure a charity has go through when moving towards electronic working.

10:15: I begin this research task which involves contacting the Charities Commission and the Information Commissioners Office. I manage to speak to the advisors there and they provide me with the necessary information and documentation to include in the research file. I compile my findings in a folder ready for the report to be written.

11:00: The Commercial Team meeting is on a Monday at 11:00. I head downstairs with the rest of the team for a catch up on our workloads.

11:40: On the way back to my desk, a Managing Associate asks me to assist her with identifying some documents in a data room as part of a Due Diligence exercise. This is part of a project which the Corporate Team are instructed on, which involves the acquisition of three large home care companies. The Commercial Team’s role within this transaction is to review the commercial agreements which the target company already has in place with local councils or private clients. This takes me the rest of the morning.

13:00: I head to the nearby Waitrose to grab some lunch.

13:30: A colleague has asked me to proof read an article he has written regarding the handling and sale of marketing lists. It is interesting to learn about this area of law as it is not something I have come across before.

14:15: My supervisor arrives back in the office and asks if I would like to go to a meeting with him which is taking place at 15:00. He prints off a copy of the distribution agreement which he has drafted and asks me to have a read through before the meeting. The document is quite complicated and involves giving distributors in different jurisdictions the right to sell the product which the client has created in that area exclusively.

15:00: I attend the meeting. The client is extremely interesting and is a ‘serial-inventor’. My supervisor draws out the structure of the arrangements with manufactures and distributors on the white board and talks through the legal considerations involved at each stage. The client asks lots of questions and my supervisor suggests some different pricing structures and ways of approaching the project. The client seems grateful of this fresh insight and it is extremely valuable and interesting for me to see this commercial element of the job in action.

16:45: I send a few emails to my fellow trainees. Together, we are arranging the Summer Ball for the firm and there are lots of decisions to be made about the venue, theme and decorations.

17:00: My supervisor has tasked me with drafting a set of terms and conditions for a timer manufacturing client in preparation for a meeting we have with him the following week at the London office. I sit down and lay out a structure. I start to think about what will need to be included and get to work with the drafting.

18:15: I check my emails again and make tomorrow’s ‘to-do’ list.

18:30: I turn off my computer and head home for the evening.


More about Kate

Name: Kate Gibbs

Current Seat: Commercial (Fourth Seat)

Location: Kings Hill

Previous Seats: Investment, Advisory, and Residential Conveyancing.

Studies: International Relations (BSc) at the University of Southampton, GDL and LPC at the University of Law, Bloomsbury.

Outside of work, I can usually be found… in a boat or spending time with friends.

Favourite Film: Lord of War.