Trainee Days – Employment (May 2016)

25 May, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

This week we are catching up with first year trainee Tessa, who tells us what a typical day in the Cripps Pemberton Greenish Employment team is really like!<

Tessa’s Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a day

8.40am: I arrive at work and begin by checking my emails and going through my to-do list. I have been assisting with a case which is meant to be heard before the Employment Tribunal next month and preparations for the hearing have kept me busy.

9.10am: Counsel will be representing our client at the Tribunal and so we need to give a clear overview of the position now and background of what has happened so far/what we expect may happen before the hearing itself. To do this, I draft ‘instructions for counsel’ and I also draft a ‘cast list’ and ‘chronology of events’. We will send these across with the Tribunal bundle to help counsel fully prepare for the hearing.

1.00pm: I have a busy day and so during lunchtime I run a few errands before heading back to my desk to have something to eat.

1.35pm: We have received an enquiry about national minimum wage and how the law around it should be applied in specific circumstances. I don’t know much about this and it is a technical area so I settle down to do some general research before I focus on the particular issue.

3.05pm: I am preparing a list of the documents which need to be disclosed for a different Tribunal claim. I start going through documents we have received from our client to establish what needs to be included in the disclosure file.

4.45pm: Holiday pay is in the news at the moment, after the decision in Lock v British Gas, and we have been asked to provide an overview of the current position. I prepare a summary for the client.

5.20pm: I’m nearing the end of my employment seat, so I update my matter sheet and appraisal form. When I have finished I check them through and send them to my supervisor so she can complete her section of the appraisal form before my ‘end of seat review’ next week.

6.00pm: Having updated my to-do list (and checked there are no remaining tasks which need to be completed today) I head home.

My profile

Name: Tessa Cumming-Bruce

Current Seat: Employment (second seat)

Previous Seats: Commercial Property

Studied: Philosophy at the University of St Andrews

Outside of work, I can usually be found: with friends or family, out and about if sunny and in the pub if not!

One of my favourite books is: September by Rosamunde Pilcher