Trainee Days – Corporate (January 2016)

12 February, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

This week, the Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day team caught up with trainee Harry Partridge, to chat about his experience in the Cripps Pemberton Greenish Corporate team:


Harry’s Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day

8:45am: I get into work and eat breakfast at my desk having already gone to the gym. I’m in our Kings Hill office and this early morning routine means I beat the traffic. Whilst eating, I read the daily news headlines and any update emails I might have received from Practical Law and other legal blogs.

9.00am: The team meets on a weekly basis so that everyone is up to speed with what work and business development each member has for the coming week.

9.45am: One of the deals I am working on is the acquisition of a UK based company by a New Zealand based company by way of a share purchase. My role is to assist the NQ to communicate with the client and help with their responses to due diligence enquiries and to upload documents to the data room. I sit next to the partner leading the deal meaning I can ask questions whenever I need to and I can stay updated with his own progress on negotiating the agreement. Being able to hear him discuss the deal with the client and the buyers’ solicitor is great exposure to the way deals are structured and how to negotiate.

12:00pm: Myself and the other corporate division trainees have training. All trainees across the firm have additional seat specific training throughout their training contract. Today, an associate in the corporate team is speaking about loan facilities and security documentation. This type of training is particularly helpful in my case as my last teaching of company law was 2 years ago during the LPC so the extra training helps to refresh my memory.

1.00pm: For lunch, I go down to the break-out room where I eat my lunch and play pool with other members of the firm.

2.00pm: I meet with an associate in the team who has some new instructions for me. Our client is a limited company that is in the process of re-organising the share structure of their business in preparation of allotting new shares to incoming investors. I spend the next hour and a half looking at the current share structure and drafting the ancillary documents, including board minutes and companies house forms, which are necessary to document the process. I meet with the associate once I am done to go through my draft documents.

3.45pm: One of the firm’s larger deals is drawing to a close. It started a while ago and I will be the last trainee to work on the deal. This can happen with larger deals and it can be difficult to pick up halfway through but that is one of the challenges of being a trainee, regardless of which department you are in. In the larger deals, the main trainee role is to deal with ancillary documents such as stock transfer forms and various letters that must be signed on completion. I draft a documents list setting out what documents will need to be drafted and who will need to sign them. This is then checked by my supervisor before being sent to the other solicitors for their approval.

5.45pm: The day is coming to a close and I ensure I’ve done everything I needed to do today and update my ‘to-do’ list accordingly.


More about Harry

Name: Harry Partridge

Current Seat: Corporate

Location: Kings Hill

Previous Seats: Residential Conveyancing, Property Dispute Resolution, Residential Investment Desk, Commercial.

Studied: Neuroscience at the University of Manchester; GDL & LPC at the University of Law Bristol

Outside of work, I can usually be found… at the pub, mixing techno, cycling

Favourite Film: Dumb & Dumber