Trainee Days – Specialist Disputes (January 2016)

12 February, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

This week the Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day team caught up with trainee Matthew Porter, to discuss the last few weeks of his seat within the Specialist Disputes team:


Matthew’s Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day

07:30am: Today I am heading to the Rolls Building (Part of the Royal Courts of Justice) in London to attend a case management conference alongside a barrister regarding a professional negligence case that I have been assisting with. I wake up bright and early and pop into the office on the way to Tunbridge Wells station to pick up the court bundle containing all the key documents.

Throughout my disputes seat I have undertaken a wide range of contentious work from professional negligence and personal injury claims to estate disputes. I have also had opportunities to attend mediations, court hearings and conferences with counsel. These experiences have been really useful as I have been able to see the legal profession in action outside of the office!

08:00am: I catch my train and use my phone to check how I will get from Charing Cross to the Court. I then start to read through the bundle in order to re-familiarise myself with the key elements of the case.

09:15am: I arrive in London and head to the Rolls Building where I meet with counsel to discuss the case and our strategy going ahead. I then check with the judge’s clerk to see that they have the most up-to-date version of our bundle. We then go and meet with our client in order to run them through what the hearing will entail.

12:00pm: After some delays we are finally called into the courtroom. It seems there are often delays that arise when waiting for a court hearing to start! Although the case was meant to be heard at 10:00, we have to wait for an earlier hearing to conclude first. Throughout the hearing I take an attendance note detailing what took place during the hearing.

12:30pm: The hearing is adjourned and counsel then discusses the outcome with the client and our strategy going forward.  I then call my supervisor to update him and I then catch the train back to Tunbridge Wells. On the way I check my emails and plan the rest of my day accordingly!

2:15pm: I return to the office via a trip to the Tunbridge Wells High Street in order to pick up some lunch and in my inbox I find an urgent research task from a partner in my team regarding a contentious probate matter. I make myself a coffee and dive headfirst into the task.

4:30pm: I email the completed note to the partner who comes to talk to me about my initial findings. We then discuss potential next steps and he requests me to draft an email to our client setting out our initial views. That’s tomorrow morning sorted for me then!

5:00pm: I finish some other tasks including registering a document at the Land Registry and putting together a bundle containing instructions to counsel to draft a defence on a new personal injury claim.

6:00pm: I conclude my day in the office by typing up my attendance note, which I’ll read through first thing tomorrow before sending it to my supervisor.  I then leave the office to meet up with a university friend for a drink. 


More about Matthew

Name: Matthew Porter

Current Seat: Specialist Disputes

Location: Tunbridge Wells

Previous Seats: Development, Employment and Investment

Studied: History at University of Southampton, GDL and LPC at University of Law

Out of work, I can usually be found: Probably on the beach either surfing or stand-up-paddle boarding, at the swimming pool or being out with friends!

Favourite Films: Back to the Future, Trainspotting & Ferris Bueller’s Day Off