Controlling your choices

24 May, 2019

Moving into care can be a daunting and confusing time, both for those needing assistance and for their families. It is even harder if the ability to articulate wishes and feelings has been lost.  A recent news article published by Kent Online demonstrates what can happen.  Clients frequently ask what they can do to make sure that their wishes are communicated, if they can no longer make their own decisions.  

With careful planning there are several things that you can do in advance: 

Lasting Powers of Attorney (‘LPAs’)

LPAs are really important tools. They can give the people you trust the power to look after you and your affairs.  LPAs are legal documents that authorise trusted individuals to act on your behalf in property & finance or health & care decisions.  You can choose your attorneys based on who you think will understand you well enough to make key decisions in your best interests. 

But whilst granting the power to deal with such decisions,  LPAs do not necessarily provide your attorneys with information about your wishes, feelings, preferences and beliefs. Indeed, in many cases, adult children who act as attorneys for their parents have not lived with them for many years. They do not necessarily know what music their parents like, what food they enjoy eating and what they like to watch on TV.

My Choices

Recognising this fact we have developed our ‘My Choices’ offering.  Designed to provide one document location to record key information about you, My Choices makes sure personal information is accessible to anyone who needs it, when the time comes.

My Choices comprises three elements;

A Capacity Capsule

Paramedics are trained to look in the fridge for medical information when they attend a medical emergency at your home. We provide a capsule that can be kept there, containing information about you. It will alert the paramedics to the existence of key documents relating to your medical choices, such as LPAs or Advance Decisions.

The ‘My Choices’ book

A collation of key information about your personal, medical, financial and legal affairs, the ‘My Choices’ book includes your likes, dislikes and life history to ensure you are cared for with your personality in mind. It is a history of you, should you lose capacity to communicate it or to make decisions for yourself.

A Contact card

A visual aid, designed to be kept in your purse or wallet and to alert anyone providing you with medical assistance outside your home to the fact that your legal affairs are dealt with by Cripps Pemberton Greenish. Once contacted, we can make sure key people (such as your attorneys and family) are made aware of the situation as early as possible, so that your wishes are best represented.

If you would like to make new LPAs, review existing powers of attorney or discuss our ‘My Choices’ products, please contact Nicola Hillyer at