The Estates Team – here for you come rain or shine

2 August, 2018


At Cripps Pemberton Greenish we have four dedicated Probate Managers and although we typically have the same job description our day to day lives, roles and responsibilities couldn’t be less ‘typical’. 

‘Probate’ is the legal document required to collect in and distribute a person’s assets after their death. The word ‘Probate’ is also used more generally to describe the process of dealing with, or ‘administering’, someone’s estate whether or not they had made a Will. As Probate Managers we help the people appointed to deal with a person’s estate, the Personal Representatives (usually family or friends), to obtain the Grant of Probate and to use the Grant to finalise the estate administration.

Our day to day activities can range from, arranging funerals, consoling the bereaved, calculating and advising on inheritance tax, managing Estate Accounts, to eradicating rats, sorting belongings, locating long lost relatives, and so much more. With such a range of responsibilities, our personalities have to be able to match up to this ever changing roller-coaster.

As a team we support each other and each of us plays an integral role in the Estates Team who, together, will support you.

We have the memory whizz, the much appreciated go to person for any facts and complex law queries who, without a doubt, will remember the nil rate band from 36 years ago and an exact case number from 12 years ago immediately.

We have the all rounder, who is the soft toned, gentle pillar of the team but it’ll be a hard task to find a query she cannot answer.

We have the kind heart, who will put at ease any unsure or anxious clients needing that extra support throughout the Probate process, which we all know can be lengthy and difficult.

We also have the IT whizz, able to save the day on any computing disaster, which is essential these days with our effective but challenging e-files.

Finally we have the hard worker, who supports the Probate Managers and whose energy and quick wit always gets the team through a challenging day.

So whatever the weather, rest assured we are the team that can support you through one of the most difficult times you will face and hopefully make this part of the process, at least, that little bit easier.

If you have any queries or would like assistance with Probate please contact Sophie Brooker on 01892 506252 or